The Perfect Sunglasses
for any occasion

Suitable too for almost all kind of Sports. The Spartan 1968 model is also the preferred style for Motorcycling, Trekking, Cycling and much more.

It really protects the eye area.

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Spartan 1968

This style of sunglasses is said to mimic the kind most famously worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the 1960s. Celebrities may use them, ostensibly to hide from paparazzi.

Viking 1973

You can tell our models are really wraparounds. They belong to a specific design of sunglasses, characterized by a single, smooth, semi-circular lens that covers both eyes and much of the same area of the face covered by protective goggles.

U2’s Achtung Baby
Fly Sunglasses

This pair was made upon Bono’s request & only for U2’s memorabilia collectors. This model is considered category 4, which means they are extremely dark. Not recommended for daily use but display purposes only.

Collector’s Models

These models were made in ONE PIECE version, ONLY FOR COLLECTORS. As they’re for display purposes you should not wear them (blurry vision).

Other Brands